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Dr. Florian Wiencek


(B.Sc. Digital Media, M.A. Mediation of Art and Culture, PhD Visual Studies) is expert at the interface of digital media and cultural education. He is the founder and CEO of Musealisten – Studio for digital mediation and consults museums and cultural institutions with regard to digital mediation and learning - from concept to implementation. Moreover Wiencek develops sound experience for the museum space as well as public space as part of the Initiative for Sound Scenography (in collaboration with Extraplan).
At Fluxguide, he was previously responsible for Digital Concepts & R&D and designed digital mediation and learning opportunities for museums and cultural institutions, including the Deutsches Museum, the Deutsches Bergbaumuseum Bochum, the Württemberg State Museum and the Arvo Pärt Center. At the Austrian Center for Digital Humanities & Cultural Heritage, he worked in the field of knowledge transfer and headed the CLARIAH-AT working group "Tools & Methods".
Since 2014 Florian Wiencek teaches at the University of Continuing Education Kems and regularly publishes articles on digital mediation of art. He is particularly interested in the question of how digital media and cultural data with their characteristics are used in mediation of art and culture and cultural learning and how they enable museums to master the challenges of the 21st century. Another major area of his work is the creative (re)use of cultural data for co-creative knowledge generation with and about art and culture together with visitors inside and outside of an exhibition or cultural institution. An additional focus are digital archives and databases, which are at the center and starting point of any mediation and digital research.

As a composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and certified audio assistant, he has been working increasingly with new music and electro-acoustic music since 2015. His current focus is the creation of multi-layered sound spaces that can be experienced in live-performances and installations as well as used as a tool for mediation of culture.

His compositions include amongst others: inSitu (2017, with Günther Fiala, soundperformance); Snowflakes (2018, with Gabi Teufner, chamber music); Patterns of Italy (2019, with Gabi Teufner, soundperformance); Panta Rhei (2020, with Günther Fiala, commissioned piece for the ensemble SNIM, commission by county Lower Austria, supported by Stadt Wien Kultur).