Nowadays, multi-perspectivity is the buzzword for many museums, archives and also processes of political decision-making and participation in order to take into account as many different perspectives on a topic as possible. The DokVideoBox team provides support from the conception and collection of the stories through to their publication.

The DocVideoBox by WeTellMedia and Musealisten enables museums, collections or communities to easily collect stories from diverse groups and participants. Directly on the participants' own devices or via interactive stations. Independent of location and time. As video or audio.


Whether stories or expert-interviews for an exhibition, memories and oral histories as enrichment of archive material or opinions in the course of citizen participation. The stories open up a treasure trove of diverse perspectives on a topic and enable to reach out to new communities - both locally and nationally.


Additionally we edit the stories for an exhibition or a decision-making process: from the classic linear video format, an interactive video installation to exploring the stories in augmented reality.